Solid Dish Soaps Set

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Comes with reusable glass ramekin and bamboo brush.

Meet your new favorite dish soap: the ultimate plastic-free and eco-friendly solution for your dishwashing needs. Made with natural ingredients, this concentrated solid soap is not only gentle on your dishes but also on the environment. The solid form eliminates the need for plastic packaging, making it a more sustainable option compared to traditional liquid dish soap. Can be used as a laundry stain stick to pretreat tough stains. 

Despite its compact form, Solid Dish Soap packs a powerful cleaning punch, effectively removing grease and food residue without leaving any residue or streaks. Its long-lasting up to six months to a full year depending on how often used and concentrated formula means you only need a small amount to get your dishes sparkling clean, making it a cost-effective option.

We offer the Solid Dish Soap in two sizes and two options: 4 or 6 oz Solid Dish Soap (with ramekin) or an option for just the 4 or 6 oz Solid Dish Soap Refill (no ramekin).


How to use? 

  1. Prep your dishes by scraping excess food off your plates and bowls.
  2. Wet a dish brush or a sponge by briefly running it under the faucet.
  3. Rub the wet dish brush directly on your block of solid dish soap while running directly under water to build lather. Use a circular motion to get a good lather going. (If you’re having trouble getting a good lather, simply add more water.)
  4. Start scrubbing! The tough Mexican Tampico bristles on our wooden dish brush should make short work of removing gunk from your dishes, while our natural dish brushes are ideal for cleaning kitchen utensils.
  5. Rinse off the soapy residue with clean water and place your dishes in a drying rack.
  6. Allow your solid dish soap bar to dry (pour excess water out of ramekin) completely inside the ramekin. This will help extend the lifespan of your solid dish soap and keep soapy residue off your kitchen counter.

 Why use solid dish soap? 

  1. Solid Dish Soap Is Plastic-Free – Each year, humans produce one million plastic bottles, leading to a devastating amount of plastic waste. Solid dish soap helps reduce plastic waste by eliminating the need for a plastic bottle altogether. Unlike traditional liquid soap, our solid dish soap comes plastic-free in a reusable, recyclable tin.
  2. Solid Dish Soap Lasts Longer – Do you ever feel like you’re constantly buying bottled dish soap? Switch to solids and start saving money! Solid dish soap outlasts two to three bottles of dish soap, making it easier on your wallet and the planet.
  3. Solid Dish Soap Is Non-Toxic Many liquid dish detergents contain potentially harmful ingredients such as artificial fragrances, phosphates and SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate). If you’re looking for a healthier option for your family, our natural solid dish soap is the way to go! Our solid dish soap utilizes Earth-friendly ingredients to get your dishes clean without the chemicals.
  4. Solid Dish Soap Lathers and Cuts Grease –You don’t need to sacrifice lather when ditching the plastic bottle. Solid dish soap lathers just as well as regular dish soap and does an incredible job at cutting through grease and grime. If you’re skeptical, give our solid dish soap a try and see for yourself! 
Why is solid dish soap better?
Solid soap is definitely more environmentally-friendly than liquid soap. Solid soap uses significantly less energy to manufacture, as well as up to 20 times less packaging. Liquid soaps often consist of 50 percent or more water, which means you need to use more to get the same job done.