Slice of Heaven Nectar

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SOH nectar Is made to help arise your sensitive area while providing the benefits of naturally restoring the vaginal flora balance. Made with 5 different aphrodisiac’s. 

SOH nectar should be used externally on top of the vagina, under labia, throughout vulva after a bath or shower. 

Ingredients: Almond oil with

YLANG YLANG oil- increases sex drive

 Tea Tree Oil - antibacterial

and more! 

Proprietary Herbal Blend


Apply 2-3 drops of oil on your vulva or clitoris. Massage the oil onto the vulva or clitoris area after a shower or when you feel it’s needed. 

*Please do not use if pregnant. We are not doctor’s, if you have major feminine issues please consult your doctor.* THIS IS NOT A LUBRICATOR. 


Disclaimer: Please be aware that all Seven’s handmade products contain natural butters or oils and organic herbs. If you think you might be allergic, please do a small test patch prior to applying on your body. We are not liable for allergic reactions.