Herbal Bath Tea

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It’s time to pamper yourself!! 

Liven up your bath with these relaxing bath teas. Each bag is filled with a blend of herbs, flowers, salts, powders and fragrance to create a soothing bath for the resting body. Each ingredient has a purpose for relaxing the mind and releasing today’s stresses. 

To use: Put 1 to 2 bags into warm bath water. Let it float in the tub releasing the nutrients inside, continue to steep in the bathwater and climb in and soak your worries away.

 Ingredients: Contains chamomile, lemongrass, lavender, rose, petals, calendula, hibiscus, flower, dehydrated, orange slices, fragrance oil, mica powder & proprietary powder and salt blend.

Option 1: Each sack contains 4 extra large tea bags

Option 2: Each sack contains 8 small tea bags