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Her peppermint yoni wash helps treat symptoms of BV, fight and prevent yeast infections, stop odors, kill bacteria, reduce pain & itching and helps to flush toxins from your sensitive area to keep you fresh throughout the day while balancing your natural ph levels.


Ingredients: Handmade Castile soap base & Proprietary Herbal Blend

8 oz


How To Use: Pump soap in hands to form a lather, rub suds on vagina area. Cleanse vulva (mons pubis, labia majora and minora), and do not wash inside of the vaginal opening. Rinse & Dry.


No carcinogens (additives that combine ingredients) are used in my products so ingredients may separate or settle at the bottom, just shake it up and it’s ready to use. 

*Please do not use if pregnant. We are not doctor’s, if you have major feminine issues please consult your doctor.*


Disclaimer: Please be aware that all Seven’s handmade products contain natural butters or oils and organic herbs. If you think you might be allergic, please do a small test patch prior to applying on your body. We are not liable for allergic reactions.