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Hair Trophy made up of 68 herbs, spices, seeds and oils. Hair trophy is formulated for growth and longevity as well as strengthening and healing. We have researched, tested and developed our own blend of herbs and oils that have been known to enhance the health of your scalp, roots and shaft. 

Our all organic growth oil helps to accelerate hair growth naturally and prevent hair loss all while locking in moisture. 
(I have removed most herbs from the bottle due to clogging complaints) Powdered herbs will settle at the bottom of bottle. 

1: Apply Hair Trophy Oil to wet hair and scalp as needed. (Yes it works the same on dry hair) A little goes a long way when using properly. May be rinsed out or left in. 
I recommend a tapered introduction to this product if you have never used anything this potent before. Apply 3 times a week for the first 2 weeks, then increase to daily for the next 3 weeks. After 30 days apply twice daily.

If you are unable to use as directed above, Please use one of the below options. 

OVERNIGHT treatment: Apply a generous amount to scalp and massaging for up to 5 minutes. Leave overnight. Wash style as usual

HOT OIL treatment: on damp hair apply a generous amount to scalp massage well. Cover with plastic cap and heat for 15 min. Shampoo and style as usual

STEAM Treatment: apply a generous amount to scalp and hair massage well and sit under steamer for 5-7 minutes.

PRE Shampoo Treatment: Apply a generous amount to scalp and massaging for up to 5 minutes. Leave on as long as possible before shampooing.

Please apply second application at least 2 hours before bed to ensure maximum scalp absorption. Please discontinue any bad habits while using the oil such as tight hair styles including braids, ponytails, twists and buns. If you wear head wraps please understand that this can cause friction, pulling and lead to hair thinning. When covering the hair use satin or silk. Cotton will absorb the product away from where it is needed.

PLEASE do a patch test to ensure no allergic reactions.

Don't be skeptical. Be patient & have faith. Although this product works for ALL hair types, RESULTS MAY VARY. Remember to read the directions first. Oil is Loc/Braid approved
Comes in two sizes

2oz small

4oz large

HOW TO USE: Shake well before use— Section off hair. Apply a small amount of oil to each section of the scalp and massage oil with fingers into the scalp for 3/4 minutes each. 

PRECAUTIONS: Not for ingestion. Only use Hair Oil on scalp and hair. Avoid EYEBROWS AND LASHES, avoid use if allergic to nuts. (Contains coconut oil) Do not apply to broken or irritated skin. Avoid contact with eyes. (By law I have to say this part) Consult a health expert before using on pregnant women. Always perform a patch test before first use.

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place.

Disclaimer: BEFORE USE, Please make sure to conduct a patch test 24 hours before using the product. Please be aware that all Seven’s hair products contain natural butters or oils and organic herbs. If you think you might be allergic, please do a small test patch prior to applying it to your entire head. We are not liable for allergic reactions.