Glory (yoni)

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Our Glory yoni bar helps stop odors, kill bacteria that causes yeast, treat yeast, reduce dryness and helps to flush toxins from your sensitive area while balancing your natural ph levels. 

Glory bars are Anti fungal & antiviral. 

Ingredients: Soap base & Proprietary Herbal Blend

How To Use: Rub bar soap in hands to form a lather, rub suds on vagina area. Cleanse vulva (mons pubis, labia majora and minora), and do not wash inside of the vaginal opening. Rinse & Dry.

*Please do not use if pregnant. We are not doctor’s, if you have major feminine issues please consult your doctor.*

  No carcinogens (cancer causing additives that combine ingredients) are used in my products.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that all Seven’s handmade products contain natural butters or oils and organic herbs. If you think you might be allergic, please do a small test patch prior to applying on your body. We are not liable for allergic reactions.