Face of A Goddess

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Say goodbye to looking dry and dull with Face of a Goddess moisturizing gel. 100% Aloe gel with extracts and powders like kojic acid that target hyperpigmentation and penetrate the skin to provide a clear, smooth and natural appearance! 
Can be used twice a day at morning and night or just nightly.

Directions: Apply pea sized amount to freshly cleansed face. Massage into skin and do not rinse. 

1 jar could last up to 3 months if using pea sized amount. Gel does turn yellow once settled! 

Disclaimer: Please be aware that all Seven’s handmade products contain natural butters or oils and organic herbs. If you think you might be allergic, please do a small test patch prior to applying it to your face. We are not liable for allergic reactions. 

Pictures are of myself while using Face of a goddess gel and liquid African black soap daily for about 3 to 4 months consistently.

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